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8Easy and Fun Nail Designs to Further Brighten Your Summers

Summers are the time when those floral dresses come out combined with the cute tops and dashing shorts. But this is also the season when you can be both bold and playful with your nails as vibrancy almost floats in the ambience. So what you are home under lockdown? With hope that all neighbourhood salons will open soon, many are already dreaming of a relaxing manicure pedicure session.  I am sure all of us are missing that much needed pedi massage.

So, during your next manicure pedicure session at the salon, ask the expert to bring out one of the following easy and fun nail arts specifically meant for the summers and brighten up your life and add some  sunshine around.

1. Abstract

This should top your list as the look is just like the high grossing art canvasses. On a white or light color base, vibrant colours exist in no particular shapeand the art goes with almost all summer attires that you are likely to have in your closet.

2. Gradient

As evident, one particular shade loses its depth as the nail reaches its tip. Turquoise and pink are hot favourites. But you can experiment with purple, yellow and more. Leave the decision on the salon with the best manicure in Mohali and see what they can do.

3. Floral

Copy the look on your floral dress onto your nails and wear a subtle piece instead. Allow your nails to do the talking while your dress complements your somber mood. Just one nail dawns the floral design while the others sport a plain look.

4. Flamingo

However, if you are feeling particularly jovial, ask the spa manicure & pedicure expert to paint a few vibrant pink flamingoes on a turquoise base. This is a typical beach look. But the art is also perfect for a casual party or a friends’ hangout.

5. Geometric

You can either choose to go classy by having a dark triangle on your nail tip or fill the whole nail with random geometric shapes to add a bit more animation. This nail art design holds massive potential to experiment during summers on all nights of the week.

6. Peach or Pink

Light pink or peach are typical summer shades, hands down. With the perfect manicure pedicure, you can bring out the right shape in your gel extension and coat it with one of these colours. As a finishing touch, consider adding a few golden or dark lines to amp things up.

7. Tangerine

The tangerine shade finished with gold and silver outlines will make your summer nail art stand out. Pair that with a dark black dress and a lipstick matching your nails. Stunning will soon be an understatement to describe your look.

8. Fruity

Mangoes, lemon, oranges and pineapples, these summer fruits that flood the market during summers and they can appear on your nails as well. While getting your manicure and pedicure in Mohali, add a fruity look on a vibrant nail base.

This list can truly go on. There is no end to the fun and easy summer designs that you can get on your nails. Just pick the right manicure pedicure salon in Mohali and get started. 

Summary: Summers is the season when you can be both bold and playful with your nails as vibrancy almost floats in the ambience. So what you are home under lockdown? With hope that all neighbourhood salons will open soon, many are already dreaming of a relaxing manicure pedicure session.  I am sure all of us are missing that much needed pedi massage.So, during your next manicure pedicure session at the salon, ask the expert to bring out one of the following easy and fun nail arts specifically meant for the summers and brighten up your life 

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