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Airbrush Bridal Makeup: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

If you are soon to be a bride looking out for bridal makeup packages you must have heard about airbrush bridal makeup. This is essentially a makeup technique that uses liquid makeup product and applies all the makeup in the skin by using special spray airbrushing tool. The makeup is evenly sprayed on the skin. The word airbrushing essentially implies a technique where makeup is applied without the use of sponge and brush.

Airbrush makeup uses a tiny makeup air compressor, an airbrush gun, and special liquid foundation. The foundation is either water based, oil based or silicone based and is thinner than the everyday liquid foundation because it needs to sprayed through a compressed airbrush gun. The spray is like a fine mist on the skin that is applied with gentle air pressure from the compressor. The technique when used masterfully gives an even and consistent finish and provides a flawless coverage. The airbrush makeup foundation is very light weight and evens out all imperfections faultlessly. The final outcome is a very natural, yet very complete and polished look.

If done right, airbrush makeup offers the bride a flawless, semi-matte finish and a naturally lustrous look.  

Airbrush Makrup

Do All Brides Need  Airbrush Makeup? 

Airbrush makeup is perfect for brides who want a natural look. It offers a dewy, glowy fresh skin-like finish.This look is very popular among brides who want ‘no makeup’ look , the ones who want to look like themselves on their wedding day; may be just a bit more refined and attractive. The outcome of this kind of wedding makeup is subtle and minimalistic and not too made-up. The final look of airbrush makeup is seamless with no harsh contouring lines, no highlighted blush and overly made up glittering eyes or streaks of bronzer. It’s simple yet stunning.

This is an ideal makeup for day wedding, a wedding on the beach or a coastal setting and is suitable only for those brides who want to look completely natural and fresh. It is water resistant, does not become cakey or runny and will last for up to fifteen hours or more.


Airbrush wedding makeup

Pros of Airbrush wedding makeup 

One of the major pros of airbrush makeup is it performs well and does not smear. Most of the airbrush makeup is water or silicone-based making it last longer and more water resistant than regular makeup. It photographs well, creates a flawless complexion and can easily withstand all the hugging and kissing that will certainly happen towards the end of your wedding day. Airbrush makeup is the perfect makeup for brides with sensitive skin it is hypoallergenic and fragrance free.

Cons of Airbrush Makeup 

This is not the right choice for girls with dry skin, as there is lot less oil this spray-on product may begin to flake. It’s always a good idea to speak to an expert makeup artist before finalizing on airbrush makeup forwedding. Another con is that you will get lesser options of shade. The type of foundation formula used with an airbrush not like regular foundation so there’s a limited selection of shades and brands to choose from. And lastly airbrush makeup is not a cost effective choice as it tends to be on the higher side of the price bar.

Curious about trying airbrush as wedding makeup? Ask about it during your makeup trial, consult an expert. The trial is the perfect time to see if airbrush makeup is worth its price tag.

Lastly to look the most beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day, do not go by whims always consult an expert makeup artist to see what he or she recommends for you, as its said when in doubt always go for an expert opinion.

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