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Personalised Haircut

The right haircut is an art. It is never about merely a short haircut or trimming the split ends. The best hair cutting salon will take your face cut into consideration, inspect the volume and health of your hair, suggest a style that will complement all your features, and then trim to amplify your overall look. Our stylist know that your best look depends on your hair texture and your face shape. Since each one of us has unique hair with unique hair styling needs; our expert hairdressers undertake constant professional trainings and are capable of satisfying every customer’s requests.

Elegante Salon offers you complete personalisation during your hair cutting design and styling. Our staff is trained to provide only the best suited hairstyles. Before chopping off your locks they discuss with you, take in consideration your face cut, hair texture and persona and offer a unique cut that stands out. Our mission is to make sure you leave the salon looking and feeling your personal best.

Our expertise is in the latest hair cutting techniques and exclusive hair care treatments inspired by the newest trends.

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