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The Pros and Cons of Permanent Hair Straightening

Permanent hair straightening gets its name from the fact that your treated hair retains its straight shape until new hair grows at the roots to replace the same. The typical span through which it lasts ranges from three to six months depending on your hair growth rate and physical health. Although a popular treatment around the world, the debate still rages on as to whether you should consider straightening your hair chemically. There have been compelling arguments on both sides and no point is ignorable. This post explores the pros and cons of the treatment. Inthe end, expect to have an answer about what should you be doing with your hair.

Pros of hair straightening

1. The process is totally safe

Unlike the use of temporary hair straighteners that damages your hair, the permanent treatment with keratin is totally safe. You can undergo the same over and over without worrying about losing mass or structure. And you do not have to make frequent salon visits everytime you want your hair straight.

2. Smooth and shiny hair

The keratin treatment that you get as part of the straightening method also leads to hair smoothening. Keratin is nothing but the constituent protein of your hair and the treatment helps to fill up the naturally occurring voids in your hair strands. The result is shiny and smooth hair, free of frizzes. This aspect of straightening has shot the process to fame.

3. No complicated aftercare

The straightening method is also sometimes known as hair rebonding. During the treatment, not only does keratin fills the voids but the chemicals also alter the structure of the hair internally. As nothing stays on the surface, like colour, you can care for your hair after the process in the same way as you used to. Get it once and rest for 6 months.

Cons of hair treatment

1. The threat of ammonia

The chemicals used in hair extension, colouring and straightening processes can include ammonia that helps with penetration through the hair cuticle. Over time, ammonia is known to turn your hair brittle and make it dry, apart from causing other health hazards. Hence, only ammonia-free high-quality keratin treatments are suggested. If you want permanent hair straightening, stick to the best of parlours using the top products.

2. Ineffective results

Hair straightening is not a job for amateur hands. You surely cannot do it adequately at home. Neither can you visit any random salon merely with the right products. Depending on your hair’s curl and structure, the restructuring of bonds has to be just right. Otherwise, you will leave the salon with an out-of-control hairstyle. As the solution is permanent, you will want experts to work on your hair. 6 months of ineffective result is a hard pill to swallow.

As evident, the pros can easily outweigh the cons if you pick the best hair straightening salon in Mohali. You can have the straight and smooth hair of your dreams without ever worrying about uncanny curls after a few days. Thousands of women (and men) are opting for keratin straightening treatment almost daily. Avoid letting the cons keep you at home.

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